5 Hygiene Habits For Male Strippers

Calling all male models, male dancers, and male strippers! Being confident during your shows is a must – but good hygiene habits should always come first. It’s no secret that personal grooming standards have never been higher in the industry – so it only makes sense that you make sure you look great and feel great while walking the stage or running adventures with clients. To help keep you looking (and smelling) on point onstage and offstage, we’ve compiled some essential hygiene habits to add to your routine – after all, what better way is there for a successful showman than maximum accuracy of self-care? Read on for five essential ideas guaranteed to keep your confidence alive and well, at par with the level of these Chucktown Male Strippers.

  1. Bathe Regularly

Depending on the extent of your work, you may find it beneficial to bathe at least once a day. Not only will this keep your skin and hair looking clean and refreshed onstage, but it will also help reduce bacteria growth on your body which can lead to odor or infection. Use soap that won’t irritate your skin and apply moisturizer afterward.

  1. Keep Yourself Well-groomed

Investing in good grooming tools, such as scissors, clippers, trimmers, tweezers, etc., is essential to maintain a neat appearance while performing. Trim any excess hairs from the neckline or face and pay special attention to eyebrows and nose hairs. This is especially necessary if you plan on going shirtless to make sure your body looks sleek and sexy.

  1. Change Clothes Regularly

As a male stripper, you’ll constantly be sweating from all the physical activity, so it’s important to have clean clothes for each performance. Switch out your outfit after every show and replace sweaty undergarments with something fresh and dry. This will help reduce bacteria growth that can lead to skin irritation or odor. To keep things extra fresh, make a habit of dressing up at the venue whenever possible.

  1. Wear Sunscreen

Stripping outdoors in direct sunlight will not only damage your skin but also cause premature aging if you’re not careful. Invest in a good quality SPF 30+ sunscreen and apply it generously before each show to protect yourself from UV radiation. Reapply periodically throughout the day as needed to maintain protection.

  1. Practice Good Hygiene Habits In Between Shows

Change into fresh clothes after each show, brush your teeth twice a day, avoid eating greasy foods before performances, shower often, and use good quality cologne to keep you smelling fresh. Be sure to also carry mints or gum with you for quick fixes between shows. Taking proper care of your body and hygiene will help ensure that you look and feel your best during each performance.


All in all, following these five hygiene habits will keep you looking and feeling your best during each show and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle too! Take the time to care for yourself both onstage and offstage so you can continue putting on impressive performances for years to come.

Happy dancing!

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